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Date Type Sq.Ft. Title Location Price Pic
Jan 16 Any 80 SAVE Money Buy v. Renting Manhattan, KS $17500
Jan 11 Condos/Townhouses 0 Condo for sale Houston Houston, TX $0 NO
Jan 1 Any 1100 House For Sale or Swap Lanesboro, IA $20000 NO
Jan 1 Single Family House 1100 House For Sale or Swap Lanesboro, IA $20000 NO
Dec 24 Single Family House 1792 PRIME LAKEFRONT HOME Swedesboro, NJ $169900
Dec 20 Condos/Townhouses 0 We Buy Houses Houston Tx Houston, TX $0 NO
Dec 20 Single Family House 2345 3 BHK flats for sale in Hebbal Washington, DC $543456
Dec 20 Condos/Townhouses 0 Flats For Sale in Kudlu Alden, MN $0 NO
Dec 18 Single Family House 1050 Handyman Special Metcalf, IL $14500 NO
Dec 17 Single Family House 1600 Villas in Bangalore Washington, DC $400000 NO
Dec 16 Condos/Townhouses 1580 3 BHK for Sale in Whitefield Bangalore Dallas, TX $70000 NO
Dec 13 Single Family House 1000 Insert title here. Florissant, MO $10000 NO
Dec 10 Single Family House 0 mobile home for sale near lake Dandridge, TN $40000 NO
Dec 8 Any 600 Independent House for Sale New York, NY $1000000
Dec 7 Single Family House 1173 Payless-Get More! Zephyrhills, FL $59900
Dec 7 Single Family House 873 MOVE IN READY FOR THE NEW YEAR Genoa, NE $70000 NO
Nov 30 Vacant Land 0 WE BUY undivided interest Toyah, TX $0 NO
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