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Date Type Sq.Ft. Title Location Price Pic
Jul 17 Single Family House 1900 Bi-Level Home For Sale Crittenden, KY $145000
Jul 6 Multi-Unit 1090 Duplex for sale by owner Jacksonville, NC $49000
Jul 6 Multi-Unit 154 Insert title here. Miami, FL $240000
Jun 19 Single Family House 1650 GREAT INVESTMENT PROPERTY~~COZY 2 BD Shamrock, TX $33000 NO
Jun 19 Any 0 2 acre lot near Lake Eufaula Checotah, OK $9800
Jun 15 Any 750 ONE FLOOR PLAN-FOR SALE BY OWNER Falls Creek, PA $64000 NO
Jun 11 Any 0 green lake house for sale Green Lake, WI $0 NO
Jun 10 Any 0 Waterfront Houses in Marco Island Marco Island, FL $0 NO
Jun 8 Single Family House 3024 Insert title here. Harker Heights, TX $83900
Jun 1 Any 0 Distressed Property in Dade Fort Lauderdale, FL $0 NO
Jun 1 Any 0 Insert title here. Fort Lauderdale, FL $0 NO
May 26 Single Family House 0 Wante Rural Forever Home Lawrenceville, IL $0 NO
May 1 Single Family House 1624 HOUSE FOR SALE SOUTH WARREN DISTRICT Bowling Green, KY $184000 NO
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